Kristie leaves town to try her luck on reality show

“The whole reason I moved to Wagga is because of the show but I can’t tell you anymore!” Please Marry My Boy contestant Kristie Charlton said.

Kristie moved from a farm in Young to Wagga just 13 weeks ago following her appearance on the Prime 7 reality dating program that went to air two weeks ago.

The 32-year-old hairdresser said her friends and former clients didn’t really know why she’d left Young so suddenly but thinks they’d understand it all now.

 Kristie is one of the final three girls matched with Carlo Cimino, moving in with him and his mum Maria. 

While she can’t divulge too much more about the program than what we’ve seen so far, she can however tell us how she got there.

And it was all thanks to her identical twin sister Allana Lander.

Allana nominated Kristie, little to her sister’s knowledge, for the show in February on the basis that Kristie “always picks idiots so I will pick for you”.

It wasn’t long until Kristie, a divorced single mum of one, received a call from Prime’s producers telling her she made their shortlist of 5770 girls.

What happened next left Kristie dumbfounded.

“They told me I was special and they’ve found just the man for me, and invited me straight to Fox Studios (in Sydney) to chat with them,” Kristie said.

She completely bypassed any further selection processes and went to the final 10 to fight for the heart of Team Carlo.

“It was the most surreal thing – I go from cutting hair one day to sitting in an absolutely beautiful mansion,” Kristie said.

“I was so nervous, you don’t get to meet him until you’re on camera and I was saying I wanted to meet him now – what happens if I don’t like him?

“They told me that’s the whole nature of the show,” she laughed.

To Kristie’s delight she was the first of the three chosen by mum Maria to move in with Team Carlo on Sydney’s northern beaches.

“It was very daunting moving into an Italian household – I know nothing about Italians and Maria spends most of her time in the kitchen. I’ve been avoiding the kitchen,” she said. 

It’s certainly a challenge Kristie will have to face since Maria has made it very clear she wants a daughter-in-law who can cook.

“They are the most loveliest people – there’s a bit of a language barrier… Carlo is a very cheeky character and has a heart of gold,” she said.

Kristie has a message for all her friends and clients in town – “I just want to say, I love yous (sic) all, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I couldn’t disclose why I left.

“Archie (three years old) and I are doing fabulous, we are very happy and there are lots of exciting things happening in our life,” she said.

To catch a glimpse of Young girl Kristie, Please Marry My Boy airs on Thursdays at 8.30pm.

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