Karate kid off to the Aussie titles

After his return from this weekend’s martial arts 2016 AMAC NSW State Title Championships, Corbyn Bomok has struck the right notes again.

SUCCESS: Corbyn Bomok with his haul of trophies from the Martial Arts 2016 AMAC NSW State Title Championships.

SUCCESS: Corbyn Bomok with his haul of trophies from the Martial Arts 2016 AMAC NSW State Title Championships.

The youngster finished second in Traditional Kata, fourth in Points Sparring, second in Freestyle Sparring, first in Sumo, third in Sword Combat, and third in Xtreme Weaponry.

As a result of of the championships, Corbyn has qualified again to compete in the martial arts Australian Titles which will be held in Sydney in December. 

Furthermore, the thriving martial artist hopes to add to his NSW State Titles as he prepares for the ACT State Titles to be held in Canberra in the coming weeks.

Corbyn’s father said he was proud to watch his son compete, saying he noticed a few trends like high-fiving kids in his events as they are going on the mats to compete, and consoling the ones who don’t win.

“I knew my son had a big heart, but watching how other kids respond to him is phenomenal,” his father said.

“The difference from what I saw two years ago to now is incredible. He’s made it a sociable environment.”

Corbyn’s coach, Mr Shayne Wilson from the Southeast Australian Taekwondo in Cootamundra had nothing but high praise for his student.

“Corbyn is concentrating on new techniques and improving on traditional ones,” Mr Wilson said.

“He takes great pride in his training and has the ability to become better over time.

“He is a student who always wants to learn more from our experienced seniors.

“Corbyn wanted to enter this tournament differently.

“When I asked him what he would like to do, he simply responded ‘nunchaks Mum’ just like he instinctively knew he could do this.”

His proud mother laughed as she recalled.

“So he taught himself how to use nunchakus and performed a wicked kata for the Xtreme Weaponry division”.

Corbyn has also drawn the attention of the Young Sports Advisory Committee and has been awarded July Junior Sportsperson of the Year Award for Taekwondo.

“Mum received a phone call telling her I won this award,” Corbyn said.

“When she told us, my brother and sisters hugged and congratulated me then we all jumped around the room together

“It was the best! Thank you to the people who made this happen.”

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