Poll: Do you think council needs to have a greater focus on rural roads?

Ardnaree Road, Tubbul.
Ardnaree Road, Tubbul.

Over the past week a number of Young residents have come forward to voice their concerns on the conditions of the shire's rural roads.

Australia Post contractor and former councillor Debbie Prest spoke out on Wednesday about the 287 kilometre of rural roads she travels along three times a week.

"...I'm fed up," she said on Monday from her mobile phone.

Peppered with potholes and water laying across the road, mud patches that have her sliding from side to side, she wonders how the people who regularly use the remote routes north of Young to travel to Grenfell and Forbes.

 There was further outcry today from Ardnaree Road residents, 35 kilometres west of Young.

When it’s dry, they say, the condition of the road “shakes your car to pieces” and dries “rock hard” but when it’s wet, it’s slush and “like driving on glass” because there’s no traction.

Last week was the tipping point for one resident, who said she begged council workers not to grade the road before last weekend’s predicted rainfall, knowing all too well what would follow if they did.

Council still went ahead and graded the road last Friday. Then 22.6 millimetres of rain fell throughout the shire over the next four days.

So what's your opinion Young?