A nation first comes to Young

American fitness instructors brought a new program to Young last week, the first ever to be used in Australia.

The WholyFit program was held at the New Life Church premises last Tuesday and finished on Saturday.

Why it came to Young first was because the local church made contact with the instructors, offering their premises to conduct the new program and to pay for their expenses. 

Frances Calvert from the New Life Church said they didn’t end up having to pay for the trip as the instructors worked out it wasn’t going to cost too much.

“I was very surprised they agreed to come,” she said.

“It’s just unusual that these things come to Young.”

The program was broken up into three sessions: a one hour workout, a 30 minute worship time, then a six hour workout program, broken up with breaks and meals in between. 

The fitness program was a highly effective and accessible program, which provided exercise for the body and soul, in a yoga-style work-out.

Laura Monica, the founder of WholyFit, came all the way from Los Angeles, USA, to lead Young locals in the fitness program.

“It’s for the community, which the church supports and provides for and makes no profit from it,” Monica said.

“It’s all about service for the local community.”

She is a certified health fitness specialist at the American College of Sports Medicine, which is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ of the fitness industry. 

This was Ms Monica’s first time overseas, and she had nothing but praise for Young and Australia. 

“I love it; it’s so gorgeous and the air smells so different,” she said.

Monica said she hasn’t seen so much land and free space all at once, which wouldn’t be a surprise, coming from one of the largest cities in the world. 

This is the first program that has gone overseas from the United States, although it has been to Canada.