Students go prospecting

As part of their History unit, St Mary’s Year 5 students recently travelled to Victoria to immerse themselves into life during the Gold Rush.

It was a much anticipated trip for our keen historians. 

St Mary’s Year 5 students on their excusion to Victoria where they immersed themselves into life during the Gold Rush.

St Mary’s Year 5 students on their excusion to Victoria where they immersed themselves into life during the Gold Rush.

They departed Young early in morning and hit the road bound for Ballarat, stopping a few times on the way down, most notably at Glenrowan, to see the statue of Ned Kelly in his armour.

Then it was back on the road to reach Ballarat, ready to attend the Blood Under the Southern Cross Light Show.

The next day the students were ready and eager to ‘strike it rich’ panning for gold, but first it was off to the Museum of Australia Democracy at Eureka to participate in interactive learning and witness first hand the enormity of the Eureka Flag.

The scene was then set to head to Sovereign Hill to pan for gold and experience the different aspects of life on the goldfields.

The activities included heading down a mineshaft, visiting the blacksmith, attending school, buying many old fashioned treats, watching a gold bar be melted and poured, playing a game of nine pin bowling and interacting with the characters of the 1850’s.

By the end of the day,almost everyone found gold, however they learned that for all their hard work, there was not always great financial reward. 

The next stop of the trip was Bendigo, where the students visited the Golden Dragon Museum.

They learned about the Chinese culture and how the Chinese were treated during the Gold Rush. As part of this experience the students, teachers and parents all enjoyed a traditional Chinese meal. This visit not only expanded the students’ knowledge, but also encouraged them to view Australia’s history from a different perspective. 

The final stop of the trip was Echuca and the Mighty Murray River Paddlesteamers.

Students, teachers and parents alike were keen to embark onto the PS Canberra, the oldest working paddlesteamer on the Murray River, for a journey back in time when these boats were lifeblood of the region. Upon disembarking we headed into the Port of Echuca Discovery Centre to hear great stories of the past and whilst standing in the places it happened.