Smoker ban at MLHD facilities

Since smoking was banned on all Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) grounds in 2014, 18 infringement notices carrying $300 fines have been issued to staff, patients and visitors. Young Local Health Advisory Committee Chair Heather Ritchie said MLHD Tobacco Compliance Officers have conducted ongoing monitoring of local health facilities since the Smoke Free by-law was introduced.

“An education phase began at all facilities shortly after the introduction of the by-law, where anyone found smoking within the MLHD facility grounds was issued with a warning and provided with information about to how to quit the habit,” Ms Ritchie said.

After all facilities were visited, the enforcement phase commenced along with local media promotion.

“When they are made aware of the legislation they generally put out their cigarette and move on,” Tobacco Compliance Officer Ian Hardinge said.

If people think a smoking ban has been broken, they can let NSW Health know at