Man faces gun charges

A former Wombat resident has been given a 12-month good behavior bond after he pleaded guilty to several gun-related charges.

Rhys Davies’s representative Mr Barren entered guilty pleas to Magistrate Dare for the 43-year-old’s charges of possessing an unauthorised firearm, possessing an unregistered firearm and handle/use firearm under influence of alcohol/drug in Young Local Court on Tuesday January 31.

Davies had previously faced charges and been convicted with four counts of ‘not keep firearm safely - not prohibited firearm/pistol,’ one count of ‘handle/use firearm under the influence of alcohol/drug,’ and one count of ‘possess prohibited firearm - not prohibited firearm/pistol.’

Police facts said about 1.20 am on December 13, 2016, Davies rode a motorcycle within the grounds of the Wombat showground disturbing visitors.

A number of people staying at the showground confronted Davies and removed him from the bike that was taken to another location within the showground. Davies walked across the road and drove a vehicle within the showground before he crashed into garbage bins.

During a confrontation between Davies and a camper a female known to Davies drove a second vehicle into the showground pulling up next to the pair arguing.

The camper saw the female had a firearm across her lap with the barrel of the firearm pointing out of the driver’s window. Police said it was a .22 rifle with a telescopic scope.

When the camper saw the gun the confrontation ended. Davies and the female then searched the showground to find the motorcycle before they returned to a Rose St address.

The camper heard a firearm discharge once in the immediate vicinity, while other campers called police. Police attended the showground at 2.50 am.

Police located Davies lying face down on the right side of a Toyota. Police could see a rifle lying on the ground under the vehicle next to Davies. Police noticed Davies had been drinking alcohol.

The firearm was seized by police and they found a spent round in the barrel with a magazine attached to the firearm that contained four bullets.

Davies was taken to Cootamundra Police Station. Police enquiries indicated that the firearm was not registered and had never been registered in NSW. Additionally the firearms licence status of the accused has been endorsed as cancelled.