Woolworths scam email warning

The Australian Federal Police have issued a warning to email users to be on the lookout for fake emails as “Woolworths Rewards” surveys are doing the rounds.

The fake email offers instant cash for taking part in a ‘quick and easy’ online rewards survey, but actually contains a link to an online form that will try to trick you into giving personal information.

The promise of an instant cash reward may make users overlook a poorly worded email and suspicious questions in the form, such as asking for your email password and credit card limit.

The AFP said the Woolworths survey phishing scam has been in circulation for at least two years — the continued reappearance of this scam indicates its effectiveness in successfully stealing personal information.

According to the AFP phishing is one of the most severe and prevalent cybercrime threats. 

Woolworths provides information on this scam and others targeting the brand https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/Discover/about-us/scam-alert