Locals are hopping mad over the NBN

The NBN is a dud in Young and it appears locals are hopping mad.

The coalition Government and especially local National Party politicians have been quick to point the finger of blame at retailers for “vague” speed claims.

But that spin has not worked on Young locals who are smarter than their elected representatives think they are.

The Young Witness’ Facebook page has been inundated with negative and cranky comments, all laying the blame for the “rubbish” NBN directly at the feet of the LNP Government. 

Will it cost them votes at the next election? That is the question you can bet National party MP’s are pondering at the moment. 

The other line of defence coming from the LNP Government is that no one really wants or needs download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, except the dedicated gamer or person who wants to download movies.

This also does not ring true because the question then becomes, what about small and medium size businesses?

Businesses in the bush do it tough most of the time but to compete against big city or indeed global businesses many need the upload speeds that were promised when the NBN was originally touted.

It remains to be seen if Young locals and indeed many residents in rural areas maintain the rage until the next federal election, but right now the anger is palpable and no amount of blame shifting seems to be working for the LNP Government.

But don’t take my word for it, here are some of the opinions of our readers.

                                                                                                                  Young residents are correct as are residents in other areas. This is the trouble with politicians they can not accept that there is a problem instead they put some sort of spin on it and hope it goes away.

Jane Rogers Robertson

Going to be interesting come election time. Which bad apple has less rot.

Gail Noakes 

NBN is politics personified on this issue! The Govt was going to save you $20 billion from the $44 billion price tag, and roll it out across the whole nation by 2016, and guess what....with absolute sheer incompetence and arrogance... it's 2017 and less than 20% of Aus has decent NBN (whatever that means, certainly NOT 1000mbs, not 100mbs...hmmm what?) and its cost already $61 Billion of your tax dollars! Ah politics...ain't it great..not! We didn't have these problems with power lines/poles, telephones, TVs, railway lines, you think how little technology we had back then but got it done!

Brett Griffiths

Copper doesn't work as well you say?? Wow. Wish they said that before a bunch of idiots voted for Abbott. Oh wait. THEY DID. Now people want to complain that they got what they voted for??? Bunch of whiners.

Tracey Asteroid 

It's a wonder Fiona is not jumping up and down with the service... she lives in Young her electoral office is there too.... cover up by Turnbull govt again and again and wasted money spent on the NBN crapnet which is useless now and by the time it is fully rolled out... obsolete.

David Green

Voters should have listened to the shouting before the election. An NBN service using old copper lines will never reach peak performance.

Steven Cousley