Napier vists HCC students

An avid adventurer and poverty ambassador visited with students at Hennessy Catholic College last week to share his experiences.

Matthew Napier shared his thoughts and experiences from a fundraising walk across Africa he completed last year as he raised money to fight poverty in the country.

Mr Napier initiated the Walk to a Better World campaign last year as a way to bring awareness of the need to end extreme poverty, not just in Australia but on a global scale.

Between June and August last year, Mr Napier walked an astronomical 2,296 km across southern Africa raising awareness and fundraising for his charity partners.

Over the three months, he walked Mr Napier survived on US$1.50 a day for his meals to show how hard it is to survive on so little, even in one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world.

Mr Napier said the experience of surviving on so little was one of the toughest things he has ever done.

During his massive journey, Mr Napier also handed out 200 soccer balls to schools and community groups throughout the region.

The soccer balls that were handed out to students and children along Mr Napier’s trek were donated by a young Australian boy who wanted to contribute to Mr Napier’s project.

Over the course of his walk, Mr Napier raised $62,000 that was then used to fund four projects through Caritas Australia, Oxfam Australia, the Fred Hollows Foundation and CARE.

As if Mr Napier’s adventure last year wasn’t enough, in June this year Mr Napier will be walking 1,850 km from the bottom of Namibia to the top and from the border of South Africa to the border of Angola.

According to the Walk to a Better Future website the route, Mr Napier is walking will follow the infamous Namib Desert the whole way which is one of the most uninhabitable areas on earth.

Mr Napier will once again be handing out soccer balls to children and community groups along the way.

To support Mr Napier in his venture go to