Memorial to be updated

The War Memorial in Anderson Park is due to be changed with the names of fallen soldiers to be updated and made current according to the Young RSL Sub-branch.

Early last year Lisa Fizzell fought to have the correct name and initials of her father marked on the memorial instead of her own which brought about public calls to have the names listed on the memorial brought up to date.

With ANZAC day only a month away, the Young RSL Sub-branch hopes to have the names of the fallen added to the memorial.

“He did the hard yards, he deserves to be on there, I want him to get the recognition,” Ms Fizzell said last year.

Ms Fizzell’s comment was the catalyst for other families to step forward and ask that their relative’s names be added to the lists on the memorial.

Young RSL Sub-branch’s John Walker said their aim was to have 59 names added to the memorial before ANZAC day next month.

“Following the article (Lisa ensures father's name lives on – The Young Witness April 29, 2016) from last year we hope it’ll be up to date now,” Mr Walker said.

The names to be added to the memorial are:


Buchanan GA, Close SG, Fizzell RJ, Miller NS, Walton CT.

Borneo and Malaysia

Bourke P, Briggs CW, Callaghan LP, Davis G, Edwards L, Fizzell RJ, Gluyas BE, Phillips CJ, Pilkington R, Price B, Walton EG, Waters W, Woods F.


Blizzard PJ, Bourke BE, Bourke DM, Broughton JT, Callaghan LP, Cassidy GJ, Close MW, Collins JF, Edwards L, Fizzell C, Fizzell GE, Gluyas BE, Golsby CD, Goodman DJ, Gordon REK, Hall KW, Hall MJ, Hanns JL, Hardy CT, Harper SM, Hatch NH, Hills WH, Holmes TL, Hopper RA, Howell DE, Johnson AR, Kearney PF, Kelly JP, Martens BF, McMillan AS, McGlynn RJ, Miller BM, Norman DC, Payne GR, Phillips CJ, Phillips RJ, Rhodes NT, Shelley TF, Taylor AC, Thompson DJ, Walker JF, Walker LE.

The War Memorial at Anderson Park. Photo: Rebecca Hewson

The War Memorial at Anderson Park. Photo: Rebecca Hewson