Junior Rugby League start their season

After a massive year last year with all of the competitions in the Junior Rugby League, the Young Junior sides are ready and raring to get stuck into the start of the 2017 football season.

With the Young competition starting on Wednesday afternoon this week marks the official start of the Young Junior Rugby League 2017 season. 

The representative teams are already in training in preparation for the up and coming Group 9 trials that will be held next Sunday. 

The players aren’t the only one’s who have kept busy in the off-season with the committee also working flat out with the help of some very passionate and skilful parents and businesses on the huge renovations to the clubhouse, commentary box as well as moving the grandstand back. 

All renovation and building work at and for the club is nearly complete, just in time for the kick-off to the season. 

Young Junior Rugby League Club’s new president is raring to go and Ben and the committee have been working hard making sure the draws, teams and behind the scene things are ready to go so the children can enjoy a year of fun and exciting football in their new look jumpers for both the town and representative competitions. 

The Club wants to thank Nic for organising the new jerseys. The committee can’t wait to see the children in them.

Wednesday night the Young Junior Rugby League Club will hold the first of their two trial nights for the inter-town competition that kicks off the season for the club. 

The inter-town competition will be held at Keith Cullen oval and start at 5.00 pm. 

The Under 15’s boy's team will be cooking the barbeque and selling drinks on the night for a quick and easy dinner or snack.

The club asks that all players please be at Keith Cullen Oval by 5.00 pm to give parents and their child plenty of time to find their coach and team and have a bit of a warm up.

Children have been placed in teams and are listed further along in this article along with the draw. 

Please note these teams are subject to change depending on the strength of teams within the competition as the committee wants the play to remain fair and all teams to feel like they have a chance.

The committee will be watching over the two trial nights to ensure that the teams are split as evenly as possible. 

The Young Junior Rugby League Football Club would also like to say thank you to all the wonderful coaches that will give up their time to take on the children and their teams. The club and committee appreciate all the time and effort they have and will put in throughout the year.

Under 7’s teams

Broncos: Coach – Gary Casey.

Cooper Pollock, Aiden Mesa, Nixon Dean, Noah Platt, Braith Anderson, Reilly Casey, Xavier Bourne.


Reiken New, Cooper Hill, Lucas Wood, Jimmy Smith, Max Aiken, Tyler Johnson.

Panthers: Coach – Dale Prindable.

Mitchell Schiller, Carter MacKenzie, William Bennett, Hugh Bennett, Toby Edwards, Gus Thornhill.

Sharks: Coach – Amanda and Todd Nicholls.

Cayden Cross, William Rys-Dowling, Oliver Orr, Braxdyn Cross, Joe Nicholls, Owen McCorkindale, Lincoln Sutherland.

Under 9’s teams

Rabbitoh’s: Coach – Daniel Woods.

Michael Magill-Orr, Hamish Hunter, Liam Kelly, Declan Burns, Jack Woods, Archie Challen, Lachlan Shea, Jarryd Foster, Riley Noakes.

Raider’s:  Coach – Caleb Tonpi and Mick Bryant.

Makali Tonpi, Arthur Kouventaris, Huntah-Max Robinson, Zara Anderson, Ibrahim Chmait, Maximus Schilt, Dane Mott, Will Bryant, Will Kouventaris, Jaryd Mills. 

Storm: Coach – Paul McAllister.

Max Anderson, Jesse Thorp, Mitchell Gibson, Nick Bailey, Riley Johnston, Shaun McAllister, Cayless Richens, Lachlan Batnich, Billy Murphy, Jai Reilly.

Sea Eagles: Coach – Mark Owen.

Harry Coddington, Kobe Owen, Oliver Edwards, Darcy Loco, Harry Moncrieff, Matt Reimer, Charlie Davidson, Cooper Saines, Caitlyn Bourne.

Under 11’s teams

Bulldog’s: Coach – Troy Lamb.

Billy Lamb, Tyler Hambrook, Braedon Rodger, Darcy Dwyer, Brax Anderson, Marcus Ashton, Darcy Spring, Caleb Schiller, Kodhi Marshall, Lachlan Bailey.

Dragon’s: Coach – Dale Prindable.

Nick Powderly, Travis Skelton, Liam Wolfenden, Mousa Chmait, Josh Cameron, Drew Edwards, Kaelen Dal Molin, Nate Reid, Seth Anderson, Mark Hills.

Tiger’s: Coach – Jamie Mundy.

Zak Corcoran, Rhys Carnley, Bayden Hill, Corben Bloor, Justin Crisp, Cooper Smith, Ashley Perkins, Quade Bloor, Samuel Schilt, Jett Guida, Joseph Roberts.

Rooster’s: Coach – Dick Donges.

Jack Donges, Charlie Hunter, Callum Hall, Bailey Coddington, Nick Cannelis, Hayden Richens, Riley Butcher, Edward Maloney, Jack Apps, Jesse McGregor.

Draw for Wednesday March 22

5.30 pm:

Broncos vs Sharks

Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles

Roosters vs Dragons

5.50 pm

Eels vs Panthers

Storm vs Raiders

Bulldogs vs Tigers

6.10 pm

Broncos vs Panthers

Rabbitohs vs Storm

Roosters vs Bulldogs


Eels vs Panthers

Raiders vs Sea Eagles

Tigers vs Dragons.

Under 7’s will play on field one, Under 9’s will play on field two (closest field) and the Under 11’s will play on field three (main field).

Each team will play two games and players are reminded it’s only for fun. 

The Young Junior Rugby League Football Club invite the whole community to come and cheer on the local teams as they play the first of their trial games against each other.

There will be a barbeque and drinks available on the night. 

Parents of players are asked to remind the children to be good sports and to encourage them to have fun on the field.

The inter-town competition will start on Saturday April 8.