NSW ramps up litter focus

NSW residents are being warned not to litter during March and April, with 32 of the state’s local councils announcing they will be targeting litterers as the NSW Government ramps up the Hey Tosser! campaign.

Councils will be focusing on litterers in a number of ways. Activities include educating the public by talking to them on the local streets and administering on the spot fines. Manager Litter Prevention for the NSW EPA  Sharon Owens said the Hey Tosser! campaign, introduced in 2014, aims to assist the NSW Government’s target to reduce the volume of litter in NSW by 40% by 2020 and ensure we have a clean, safe and healthy environment now and in the future.

“It aims to educate the public about litter, the impacts on our environment and inspire the NSW community to put their rubbish in a bin,” she said.