Charges unfair local claims

A 35-year-old Young man was fined $250 and disqualified from driving for three months in Young Local Court after he had been charged with driving with an illicit drug in his system.

They found the cannabis in my system at the time, but I wasn’t under the influence.

Christopher Pringle

Christopher Pringle represented himself when he appeared in front of Magistrate Peter Dare SC arguing that he wasn’t under the influence since he had smoked the cannabis four days prior to being tested.

“I was amazed that I came up with cannabis after four days before,” Pringle said. “I think it’s a little bit unfair.”

“What do you mean by that?” Magistrate Dare asked.

“They found the cannabis in my system at the time, but I wasn’t under the influence,” Pringle said.

“I’ve looked up how long it can stay in your system for and I’m guilty your honor that’s all I can say.”

Magistrate Dare then convicted and fined Pringle for the charge.

“Thanks mate,” Pringle said when he was dismissed.

“No, I’m not your mate at all,” Magistrate Dare said.

“Your honor,” Pringle corrected.

According to police about 10.52 am on November 19 Pringle was the driving north on Main Street, Young when police observed him turning left onto William Street where he allegedly accelerated harshly causing the rear of the car to lose traction with the road.

Police said they stopped Pringle who was the sole occupant of the vehicle and asked him to produce his drivers licence. Pringle was breath tested with a negative result.

Police then subjected Pringle to an oral fluid test, which subsequently produced a positive detection to cannabis. Pringle was arrested for the purpose of a secondary oral fluid test and taken to Young Police Station.

Pringle provided a sample of oral fluid sufficient for analysis that was tested and returned an invalid result. The remainder of the sample was sent to the NSW Forensic and Analytical Science Service at Lidcombe for analysis.

According to police, Pringle said, “I smoked a joint last Tuesday.”

The sample of oral fluid was analysed and a result of positive to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol was obtained.