Health Matters to John Walker

Welcome to our regular monthly column about the members of YOUNG’s Local Health Advisory Committee (LHAC).

                                                                                                                John Walker, committee member, is a proud local and was born and raised in Young. He has lived here for most of his life (other than a twenty year stretch where he moved around most states of Australia, and New Zealand). John has worked as a surveyor, and he and his wife have raised a family of four children. John spent time in the services and was on active service in Vietnam.

Why did you join the LHAC?

                                                                                                                “I’m interested in all areas of health services, both acute care and the allied services on offer in our area. I was on the old Hospital Board for many years and have been a long-term LHAC member. I guess it’s well over 20 years that I’ve been involved.

 LHAC committee member John Walker.

LHAC committee member John Walker.

Most of my interest is in people staying healthy, rather than needing services after the event. Naturally, I’m very concerned about the Doctor situation. I worked hard to have the new Hospital facility built in Young, but we haven’t had consistent doctors to support it at all times.”

What changes have you seen in local health services? “From my observation many elements of health care services are basically the same as they once were. By that I mean there is still a professional emphasis on people’s health.

The administration and technology is much different today.

Many elements of technology in health care makes things a lot better, for example access to records which is much easier in a digital age. But I do hope we don’t lose the important face-to-face benefits of patient care.”

What’s top of your health wish list?

                                                                                                                “My wish list is all about prevention. In my opinion there’s too much demand on our health resources for issues that could be avoided with early intervention.

This is across the board in all areas of health care. Many health concerns can be avoided, for example with careful diet, good exercise and a focus on good mental health habits.”

Any areas of special interest in health? “The ideal balance would allow us to keep people healthy within a limited health budget.”

Any upcoming or current activities you’d like to share? “I’d like to share some interesting facts on smoking rates in our community. Recent figures show that in the Murrumbidgee area less than two in ten adults smoke, and that these figures are decreasing. I encourage those seeking to give up to secure professional help.”

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What’s in a Number?

                                                                                                                Since February 2017:

43 inpatients have agreed to be part of the Nicotine Replacement Therapy Research Project at Young Hospital.

Of these

-          14 referrals were given to the QUIT Line.

-          17 have commenced using Nicotine Replacement Therapy