Corbyn thankful for award

Joint winner of the Young Sports Advisory Committee 2017 Junior Sportsperson Award Corbyn Bomok wanted to thank the committee for the honor of being acknowledged.

“I am honoured to receive these awards,” Bomok said.

The eight-year-old was very gracious in his win wanting to acknowledge everyone who had been nominated for the award that was handed out at the awards dinner on Saturday night.

“Congratulations to everyone in this category,” he said.

Bomok expressed his gratitude to the committee and thanked not only his family and friends but the people that helped all the nominees do so well in their chosen fields for their support.

“A big thanks to my family and all the other families who help us athletes get here,” Bomok said.

Bomok was up against twelve other nominees and won the award with Young Swimming Club’s Will Martin.

Bomok has already had a huge year on the mat winning Traditional Forms, Point Sparring and Clash Sparring and picking up second place in Extreme Musical Weapons, Sumo, Sword Combat and picking up third place in Traditional Weapons at the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) Battle of Canberra held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in April.

Corbyn Bomok.

Corbyn Bomok.

Surrounded by his friends and family Bomok said that he was feeling blessed at being nominated.

“No matter what happens at the gala tonight, I am felling proud and honoured that I was recognised for my achievements so far,” Bomok said. 

Bomok won’t be slowing down with the recent announcement that he was also nominated for the Cootamundra Sports Foundation Awards.

“Thank you to everyone who helped me get here,” Bomok said. “This one’s for you.”

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