Sporting day fun on the ponies | Photos

On Saturday morning in almost perfect conditions eight eager riders of all ages and riding levels and their ponies turned up at Telluride Equestrian Centre, Young for a sporting day.

With horses and riders at the ready the group ran through a whole range of games that challenged horses and riders alike.

The day was held to give riders the opportunity to work on skills, have some fun, learn how to compete in events and for others to take young horses on an outing and put them outside of their comfort zone.

With laughs a plenty the group ran through bending and flags, western bending, barrel racing, the bonfield bounce, pairs barrel racing, the square yard, the keyhole as well as an obstacle course that offered riders the chance to challenge their horses with brightly coloured pool noodles, tarps, side passes, backing up and some tight turns. 

Run by Kerri Matthews the day was a great exercise for the horse and rider combos from Young and Grenfell all while having fun and enjoying the sunshine.