Warrant issued for local woman

Magistrate Michael O’Brien has issued a warrant for Paige Kennewell, 20, of Young for three charges she was due to face in Young Local Court last week.

Ms Kennewell failed to appear in Young Local Court to face charges of goods in personal custody suspected of being stolen (not motor vehicle), dispose property – theft = serious indictable offence <= $5,000 and make/furnish a statement which is false/misleading.

According to police facts tendered to court it is alleged the 20-year-old had in her possession and attempted to sell items which were stolen from a Cowra residence broken in to around Christmas last year. An Apple iPhone 6S, an Apple iPad mini, Playstation 4, jewellery and wallets including bank cards and identification were alleged to have been stolen. According to police the Playstation 4 was sold to a local second hand dealer in Young on December 27, 2016 by Ms Kennewell and two accomplices.

The attendant powered up the Playstation 4 in private and noticed the name of the victim on the logon screen, he challenged the accused asking, “whose name is on the console?” One of Ms Kennewell’s accomplices replied with the name of one of the victims. Ms Kennewell signed a form acknowledging that she was the owner of the PS4, it was sold for $90 and the transaction was captured on CCTV.

Police became aware of the transaction while investigating a spate of break, enter and steal offences in Young. 

About 9 am on January 30, 2017 police attended Ms Kennewell’s home address in Young and spoke with the alleged offender about the Playstation 4. Police asked Ms Kennewell if there was stolen property inside the premises, she replied, “if I told you yes would I get in trouble.” Police applied for and were granted a search warrant.

During their search of the premises police located the stolen items belonging to the victim including the Apple iPad mini - located on the living room coffee table - an iPhone 6S - located on Ms Kennewell’s accomplice.

A second search was conducted for an unrelated matter where police located a number of bank cards and Medicare cards endorsed with the victim’s surname in a garbage bin at the rear of the premises. The cards were burnt/singed, next to the bin was a small fire pit. Police allege that persons had attempted to destroy evidence. Of note, police inspected the same bin during the execution of the first search warrant and the cards were not present.