Open to have your say on a cleaner NSW

Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton has stepped up and joined local councils wanting to combat illegal dumping by announcing a statewide strategy that includes a $52 million compliance program.

Ms Upton said the program is targeted at illegal commercial operators, repeat offenders and illegal asbestos disposal not just in the cities and coastal regions but across the whole of NSW, including Young and the Hilltops area.

According to Ms Upton the program is now open for comment and will be funded over four years under the NSW Government’s $337 million Waste Less, Recycle More initiative.

“Communities are fed up with illegal dumping," Ms Upton said. “Illegal dumping puts people at risk, contaminates the environment and undermines legitimate recycling facilities.” 

Ms Upton believes the cost to communities in NSW is in the millions of dollars every year.

“This new strategy includes funding for preventative measures such as surveillance cameras and Regional Illegal Dumping squads as well as funding for clean-up operations.

According to Ms Upton one in 10 NSW Councils spends over $500,000 a year preventing, monitoring and cleaning up incidents of illegal dumping.

The program strategy focuses on improving evaluation and monitoring, clean up, regulation, enforcement, community education and awareness as well as many other points.

Under the Waste Less Recycle More initiative, $30 million has been allocated until 2020/21 for litter reduction programs.

The strategy outlines the programs, which will help meet the Premier’s Priority of reducing litter volume by 40 per cent by 2020. Consultation closes at 5 pm on July 31.