Holidays – give me school!

I’m really not a fan of school holidays, I’d prefer to be at school playing with my friends and learning things in class. I don’t like the holidays much.

Even though I don’t like holidays they are still fun, especially when you have horses and a Nan who likes to spoil you!

During the first week of our holidays my brother Henry and I stayed at our Meme and Poppy Jim’s in Grenfell while Mum and Dad were both at work in Young.

During the week staying with Meme and Poppy Jim we went to Orange to go shopping, we came to Young and I went horse riding - where I fell off my horse Gypsy for the first time - while Meme had her car fixed, then on Thursday we went back to Orange where we went to Flip Out.

Flip Out was awesome, we got to jump around and I was doing handstands into a bridge.

On Friday our cousins in Cowra, Kate and Thomas, came and stayed in Grenfell too. We had a massive picnic where we ate hot chips and devon and afterwards we had Super Doopers it was a lot of fun.

Mum and I spent all weekend out with the horses. We groomed my little palomino and used this grey block thing that made her coat beautiful and smooth. She’s not a fluffy pony anymore.

This week our Dad has been on holidays with us. He has looked after us while Mum is at work at the paper. Dad wants us to go for long walks, but I get stitches and don’t like doing it, it makes me tired.

On Wednesday my friends and I are going to watch a Katy Perry and Taylor Swift show. I am super, super excited to see her sing as Katy Perry, I like Swish, Swish and I hope she sings it.

On Thursday my Aunty Sal and cousin Jesse are coming with me, Henry and Dad to see Despicable Me 3 at the movies.

Then we’ll probably spend all weekend riding and out with the horses.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: Zara and Gypsy go for a ride during the holidays. Photo: Rebecca Hewson.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: Zara and Gypsy go for a ride during the holidays. Photo: Rebecca Hewson.