People power has a win and the Council delays its decision | Photos

People power has won out with the Hilltops Council delaying approval of a subdivision development plan for Forsyth Avenue.

The site for the development is located on an almost two-hectare site approximately 1.7-kilometre east-north-east of the Young CBD, on the northern side of Forsythe Avenue, and 100 metres east of Hills Street.

The developer applied to Council for a 17 lot residential subdivision plus construction of a new road.

A group of Young residents led by John Pattison objected to the development on various grounds.

Mr Pattinson spoke at the June council meeting and said the group stood united against the development.

“Throughout the Council’s report, there are references that either state or imply that whilst a particular issue does not comply it is simply too hard or too expensive to overcome, so the Council is just going to settle for a cheaper, inferior outcome,” he said.

“This goes to the heart of the issue and is clearly at odds with delivering responsible development in an equitable manner. Surely it is not the role of Council to underwrite the developer’s profit margin?

“In its current form, this DA enables this subdivision to be done on the cheap, with next to no regard for those of us left behind after the developer carves up, sells up and moves on. This is an outdated, one sided and divisive approach to planning.”

Mr Pattison said there is no demonstrated demand for the additional lots.

"Young has sufficient stock for the next eight years already on the market, and research shows that 12 such lots sell each year, the staging of this development will take some years, and neighbours will be subjected to construction impacts over many years,” he said.

Council Administrator Wendy Tuckerman said it was important for the Council to listen to the concerns of the resident's group.

"I met with Mr Pattinson at the site to get a better understanding of the group's objections," she said. "The Council has deferred a decision on the development until our next meeting; I think it was prudent to go onsite and see the resident's concerns first hand."

Mr Pattinson said the group appreciated getting a fair hearing from the Administrator on site.

"Council is resolved to continue to talk with the resident's group and whilst we acknowledge that the development won't be stopped, we hope it will be more in line with community expectations,” he said. “We are not trying to be obstructionist; we just want to provide a solution that is in line with councils aim of having equity in planning and development which we think is lacking in the current development application."