Final say on Eulie piggery DA from GM

The final determination of the Eulie piggery was handed down on Wednesday at the Extraordinary Meeting of Council with Administrator Wendy Tuckerman formally refusing the application.

The DA has been refused.

The DA has been refused.

Council general manager Anthony McMahon said that while Council was bound by the outcomes of assessments from the Environment Protection Authority and the Office of Environment and Heritage, Council was still obligated to undertake a full planning assessment report.

“The EPA and the OEH both advised Council earlier this year that they would not provide General Terms of Approval (GTA) for the proposal,” he said. “Council therefore had no choice but to refuse the DA, however Council was still required to undertake a full planning assessment report detailing the reasons for refusal, ensuring all stakeholders are clear on the circumstances surrounding the outcome.”

Mr McMahon said each DA and its circumstances are different and that some take longer to come to a determination than others.

“The circumstances surrounding each application are as varied as the development proposals themselves, each are treated in accordance with long-standing legislation and guidelines, and some take longer to finalise than others, especially when external experts are required to provide advice on complex technical issues,” he said.

“In the case of this particular development the multiple versions of the Environmental Impact Statement provided also complicated the assessment process.

“This particular application has taken longer than many would have preferred, but given the scale of the proposal and complexity of the site, the assessment process was indeed multi-layered and involved the input of experts both within and outside the Council.”