No vote on council mergers | Video

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party has accused National Party MPs of being “gutless” and “too scared to speak” on the Council amalgamations referendums bill last Thursday.

“The National Party have once again shown that they will do whatever the Liberal Party wants them to do, even if it’s bad for their own electorates,” Member for Orange Philip Donato said.

"The Nats claim that they're listening to rural communities, but their actions tell a different story.”

Mr Donato said not a single National Party MP spoke on the bill. “They hid behind the Minister who talked for as long as she could to run out of time for the debate. In politics this tactic is called filibustering,” he said.

“Effectively, the National Party prevented a vote on this bill happening today.

 “Since we didn’t have a vote on this referendums bill today, I expect the Cootamundra by-election and the 2019 State election to be referendums on the Governments forced Council amalgamations.”