Low numbers for election |Candidate gallery

The Hilltops Council election could be a no-contest due to the low number of nominations received by the New South Wales Electoral Commission.

So far there have been only five people nominate and with 11 positions on the Council to be filled the Electoral Commission is urging people to come forward.

John Horton, John Walker, Brian Ingram, Rita O’Connor and Tricia Mack are the five who have nominated so far.

Hilltops Returning Officer Peter Seymour said nominations wouldn't be accepted past midday Wednesday, August 9.

“Returning officers must have nominations in our hands by midday Wednesday, any later and we can’t accept them,” he said.

The NSWEC website said if there are less than 11 candidates then they will be automatically elected, and voters will have to go back to the polls for a by-election to fill the other spots.

The Hilltops low numbers are in stark contrast to the Cootamundra-Gundagai election where they have more than enough candidates already for a valid election.

UPDATE: As of 6pm August 7, three more people have nominated. Christopher Manchester, Tony Flanery and Matthew Stadtmiller.