Seeking new blood for the Young Education Fund

The Young Education Fund is seeking to reinvigorate the committee by inviting new members to join.

The Young Education Fund (YEF) is part of the Country Education Foundation and raises funds to assist students with the costs involved in their further education.

Fund Secretary Pammie McCloy said since its inception in 2001, YEF has contributed over $200,000 to the students in our community to cover some of the costs of their further education. 

"As many universities give dollar for dollar to Education Foundation students, this means we have actually injected well over $350,000 into Young and district in the last few years," she said.

"But our committee has dwindled over the years as members have retired. As a result, we are seeking to reinvigorate the committee by inviting new members to join.

"The current committee is too small to run any major fundraising activities, and, without funds, YEF will be forced to discontinue its activity."

Young resident and former recipient of YRF funds Amber Hartnett said she would not have been able to finish university without the assistance of the fund.

"At university, there are a lot of expenses, uni fees, text books, I was living away from home so accommodation and of course the HECs bill," she said.

"I had to pay rent; I had car expenses so along with my part time job the financial assistance I received from the Young Education Fund helped me immensely to complete my studies and get my degree.”

To join YEF contact Pammie McCloy on 0411 047 752.