Young High School access Aurora for HSC

YHS access Aurora for HSC

Young High School Year 12 students are busy preparing for their Higher School Certificate exams with the school helping out by accessing an online learning tool.

In preparation for the Higher School Certificate Young High School have accessed several on line study sessions offered by Aurora College, a Virtual Selective High School that caters for gifted and talented students in rural and remote areas.

The sessions are offered up to all Higher School Certificate students via adobe comment which is an interactive web conference application.

Students have already opened up and utilised opportunities to revise course content, connect with other students, teachers and tutors as well as discuss what is expected throughout their Higher School Certificate exams.

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions and clarify concepts in real time, they were also given ideas, suggestions and critique on how to better improve their responses for higher marks.

The students also received help in understanding different expectations of the requirements for a band 4 result compared to a band 6.

Students from Young High School have accessed subjects including Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

The sessions the students have taken part in have been delivered by experienced presenters with a variety of teaching experiences and backgrounds that has included teachers from Aurora College, School Planning and Performance Advisor from the Department of Education High Performance Unit for the Department of Education and presenters from the Australian National Maritime Museum.

During the Mathematics session some of the teachers joined the students and said they felt it was beneficial for the students to gain a different perspective in how to approach some questions.

The teachers also stated that the session provided a great summary of concepts through practice Higher School Certificate questions.

The school believes the program has been thoroughly beneficial for all students in gaining further understanding in their subjects as well as preparing them for the tough road of the Higher School Certificate exams which are rapidly approaching.

Students will finish their official schooling at the end of this term with a couple of weeks off to focus on study before they sit their final exams next term.