Enough candidates for an election | Photos

There are 18 candidates running for election to the new Hilltops Council, more than enough to hold a valid election.

Concerns in the community that there would not be enough nominations for a valid local government election have been allayed after the NSW electoral commission received a late flurry of nominations.

Hilltops returning officer Peter Seymour confirmed a valid election would be held on September 9.

In a proportional representation election, candidates are elected when they have received a ‘quota’ of formal votes.

That quota is calculated by the number of formal votes, divided by candidates to be elected (11+1)+1

The candidates in order of the ballot draw are: Wendy Tuckerman, John Ryan, Christopher Corcoran (running as a group), Christopher Manchester, Tony Flanery, Joseph Kinsela, John Horton, Brian Ingram, Greg Armstrong, Rita O’Connor, Margaret Roles, Tricia Mack, Bruce Smith, Tony Wallace, Matthew Stadtmiller, Wesley Leseberg,  Peter Holding and John Walker.