Final round in Tumut

Last Sunday the Young Yabbies Junior Rugby Union Club traveled to Tumut to take part in the final rounds and gala day for the season.

YOUNG IN ON THE ACTION: The Under 13s VIVA representative side included Milly Lane, Cleo Baldwin, Bridie Turner and Isobel Duke-Daly.

YOUNG IN ON THE ACTION: The Under 13s VIVA representative side included Milly Lane, Cleo Baldwin, Bridie Turner and Isobel Duke-Daly.

Under 10s Green

Under 10s Green vs West Wyalong

Young Yabbies Under 10s Green traveled to Tumut and in the first game took on a determined West Wyalong side that also form part of the top six. The Yabbies came out hard in the first half with some brutal defence and nice cleaning out by Dean Starling, Riley Butcher, Lucas Maloney and Billy Brown leading to some classy early tries by Toby Dowling, Sam Schilt and Riley Butcher. West Wyalong then hit back hard and let the Yabbies know it was game on by continually surging downfield and scoring a few quick tries. In the second half the Yabbies re grouped with some solid defence across the field by all players. The game was won after some smart passes by Nick Cannelis, Nate Reid and Josh Cameron put the Yabbies in for a few more tries who eventually ran out winners 45-30.

Under 10s Green vs Griffith

In the second game the Greens took on the Griffith Blacks and things didn’t start too well when the Griffith side put on three quick tries after a spilled ball from the kick off. This was a game that the Yabbies were continually on the back foot with not enough numbers at the clean out to match the large Griffith side that was continually pushing forward as a pack. Josh Cameron and Lucas Maloney both scored nice tries showing Griffith what the Greens are capable of when we secure the ball. In the end a number of yabbies played out the match through injury with Griffith running out winners 50-10.

- Peter Butcher

Under 14s

Young Under 14s vs Tumut

The last full round of the season saw tough challenge for the Under 14s as they faced Tumut in their first game which was always going to be extremely tough.

The last time these two teams meet Tumut came away with a convincing win. The Under 14s knew they had a tough road ahead, with 15 minutes into the game and a very depleted looking side the boys faced an uphill battle before suddenly cars arrived and the team piled out – they had been at the wrong ground.

The team squared up to Tumut and the game was on. Tumut made a cracking start and in no time had found the line to cross over and then convert their first try.

The team knew that they had to score back quick smart and in no time a great run from a number of players with some great passing happening saw Marty McGrath find the line to cross over and draw the first points for Young.

Cooper Cross then kicked the conversion and for the first time in the game the two teams were evenly matched.

Tumut still reeling from the great start by Young push backed hard but today the might Yabbies were nipping back. All the players dug deep and played their best game of the season. This was the best start and game of the season. Marty McGrath made a great steal and run the ball he was well supported by this fellow team mates who played like players possessed.

They were passing well and defending well. Violet Cavanagh made a great run up the sideline. The front pack were defending well and continually pushing forward. The backs were combining well. This was set to be a great game. The score remained locked. Tumut were lucky after a great of pressure they found the back line in a quick break away. They were successful in their conversion.

Matty Noakes hit back from some brilliant play from Will Martin, Kia Langfield and the work horse Sam Smith. Matty found the corner and once again the score were nearly level. Young were playing like demons once again crossed the line from a brilliant push which resulted in Cooper Cross finding the line.

For the first time Young was in front 15-14. Tumut were shaking in their boots and could not believe what was happening. The whole team worked hard to hold up and keep Tumut from finding the back line. Then in the last minutes of the game Tumut made a break and found the back line to put them back in front with a conversion for the try. Scores were now locked at 21 – 17.

The team keen to hit back ran up to half way and pushed hard to try a find the backline, the team worked hard and came close but were very unlucky not to score. Well done to all who played, they played like champions and should have been very proud of their efforts. Coaches Geoff Nuthall and Pete Cusack were so impressed with the boys. They were well supported from the sideline by their parents. This was a fantastic effort with the team playing out of their skins with such grit and determination.

As this was a true unite effort points were awarded to all players who included front row – Justin Garlick, Jonah Mugridge, John Cass, Sam Smith, Chris McDonald, Kade Wilder, Sebastian Hartman and Oscar Nuthall. They were well supported with the backline of Matty Noakes, Kia Langfield, Will Martin, Marty McGrath, Sam Corkhill, Charlie Sullivan, Cooper Cross, Violet Cavanagh, Will Cusack and Harry Nuthall.

Fantastic effort to all the team for the way they played the game.

Young Under 14s vs Leeton.

The second game for the round saw Young back up after only one game played in-between.

This game Young tackled Leeton. Every time these two teams have met the have had a very evenly matched game and this was to be no different. The Yabbies coming off such a tough game played really well. They supported and backed up well. Leeton drew first blood and found the backline very quickly. They converted the try to lead 7-0. Yabbies keen to hit made some great runs but couldn’t find the back line. Leeton made a breakaway and even though the Yabbies chased hard they crossed again to find the score 14-0. Young not to be out gunned fired back and found the line in quick succession to cross and score.

The score was now 14-10. Both teams pushed each other and were played really well. Unfortunately for the Yabbies Leeton made to quick breakaways and the final score was 21-10.

Well done to all the team for their effort throughout the season and for the fantastic teamwork that has developed.

A massive thank you goes to coaches Geoff Nuthall and Pete Cusack for their tireless effort throughout the season.

Thanks also to the supporters who have carted the team all over the country side.

Last but not least well done once again to the team, you have come a long way from the start of the season.

- Susan Wilkinson

Junior Yabbies in the finals

The Southern Inland Rugby Union season has all but drawn to an end with the first round of finals this Sunday. We have a number of our teams through to the finals.  This is a great reward to the players and their coaches, all the hard work and commitment they have put in this season. Not to mention the parents for driving the players around the countryside!

Under 8s

The Under 8s don’t play any finals so their season is officially finished. The players should be very proud of their efforts, many have only played rugby for the first time this season. Coached by Em Madge and assisted by Will Cameron and Charlie Newell the team has had a fun and entertaining season with many wins along the way.

Win, lose or draw the Under 8s certainly had a great season.

Viva Under 13s Green

A highlight for the club this season would be the success of the Viva Under 13 Green team, coached by Rick Baldwin. The girls played 16 games in total, have won 15 and drew 1, no losses. What a phenomenal result, well done to you all.

VIVA Williams-Quirk Shield

At the Tumut gala day there was a introduction of the Inaugural Williams-Quirk Shield for the Viva 7s Under 13s representative side.

The South West Slopes VIVA 7s team, coached by Rick Baldwin, took out the competition on the day.

Milly Lane, Cleo Baldwin, Bridie Turner and Isobel Duke-Daly were selected from the Yabbies teams to play in the representative side, with Cleo Baldwin being awarded the Best and Fairest for the game.