New cops keen to start work

Cootamundra Local Area Command welcomed two new Probationary Constable's to the Young Police Station last week.

PC Matthew Graham and PC  Thomas Holmes polished their boots, ironed their uniform's and turned up for work ready to apply everything they learnt at the NSW Police Force Academy into real life policing situations.

PC Graham said he joined the force so he could become a role model and also make a difference in the community. 

"While growing up, I always had such high respect for police officers and the important roles they have in the community," he said.

"As a police officer, especially a 'country cop' I hope to start off by forming a respectful relationship with everyone in our small country town. 

"I also want to be involved in the youth of our community, making a positive impact and helping them to choose a successful path in their lives."

Mr Graham said he was looking forward to working in Young.

"I am very much looking forward to working in Young as I am from the area and Young was my first choice of commands, so I think of myself as being very lucky," he said.

"I hope that I can impact positively on the Young community and am looking forward to seeing where my career takes me."

PC Holmes said the main reason that he chose the police force as a career was the variety of the job.

 "You can change to several different jobs and still have the same career, and even in general duties, you never know what is going to come up next, you are also not stuck in an office all day," he said. 

"As a country cop, I would like to achieve a good rapport with the community, as in a smaller community you become a name, not just a number like you would in the city being lost in the crowd. 

"I am looking forward to being in Young as it seems like a great town. I did say that I wanted to go to a country town as I have grown up in the country and I think the country lifestyle and the atmosphere is a lot better than that of the city, so I was more than happy to be posted to Young."

Superintendent Christopher Schilt said it is always pleasing to receive extra police officers.

"I do not doubt that our new officers will fit in well and be regularly seen in the community," he said.

"With three new Probationers being allocated to the Cootamundra LAC from the last class (two to Young), this was the largest contingent that we have been allocated in quite some time. I think that this is a reflection of the NSW Police Forces' commitment to serving regional areas and I'm very happy about it.

"As the new officers make the transition into operational policing, they will be supported by experienced staff who will ensure their ongoing development. Our new Probationers will hit the ground running, by stepping straight into shift work and being confronted with whatever challenges are sent their way. They will be exposed to the best and worst of human nature and be part of our team aiming to reduce crime and build on our strong relationships with the community."