Crash, caught in a lie, charged

A man who crashed his car, fled the scene of the accident and was caught while being taken to hospital was convicted in Young Local Court on Wednesday.

Nathan Eric McCracken, 39 of Taylors Flat was convicted, fined $1,100 and disqualified from driving for six months by Magistrate Michael O’Brien for the incident on January 6.

According to police facts about 6.30pm on Friday January 6 McCracken was driving along Taylors Flat Rd, Taylors Flat when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed over to the incorrect side of the road and crashed with a tree, damaging the vehicle and injuring himself.

After the accident McCracken got out of the car.

Residents near by spoke with McCracken and helped him before McCracken left the scene and made his way on foot to his house some distance away.

The collision was reported to police by one of the residents who had spoken to and assisted him.

Police attended the crash site and took photographs or the vehicle where it had been left before they made their way to McCracken’s residence.

However, before arrival police came across an ambulance.

It was confirmed that McCracken was in the ambulance having been treated for his injuries and was being taken to Goulburn Base Hospital for further treatment.

While at Goulburn Base Hospital a blood sample was taken.

It was analysed on January 25, 2017 and indicated McCracken had 0.079 grams of alcohol in 100 ml of blood at the time of the accident.

When he was interviewed by police on February 2 McCracken was asked if he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident to which he said, “no.”

“A kangaroo came out, I swerved again, swerved again and I hit a stump,” McCracken said when asked to explain the accident.

A kangaroo came out, I swerved again, swerved again and I hit a stump.

Nathan McCracken

When he was asked what speed he was traveling at McCracken replied, “Only one hundred, if that.”

When asked if he had been injured he responded that he had a fracture in his back.