Hilltops Council mayor and deputy mayor to be chosen at Young council chambers on Wednesday, September 20

The first ever mayor and deputy mayor of Hilltops Council will be chosen next Wednesday night, at the first official gathering of the elected councillors.

Hilltops council chambers in Young

Hilltops council chambers in Young

Council general manager Anthony McMahon said the extraordinary meeting would take place in the Young council chambers at 5:30pm on September 20.

Mr McMahon said even though the final results of the election were yet to be announced, it was important to set a date for the meeting well in advance.

“By announcing the date now, it gives everyone plenty of time to make appropriate arrangements, should they need to be there depending on the outcome of the Electoral Commission’s announcement,” Mr McMahon said.

“I as general manager will initially chair the meeting, with the first item of business requiring the newly elected councillors to take an oath or affirmation. The next item will be the election of the mayor, who will then chair the remainder of the meeting.”

Once elected, the mayor holds office for two years, while the deputy mayor may be elected for the same term or a shorter period.

Mr McMahon explained the period of administration would end immediately before the first Hilltops Council meeting after the election.

“At the commencement of the first meeting the administration period formally ends and that is the time when the newly elected representatives officially become the governing body of council,” Mr McMahon said.

“This first meeting of the Hilltops Council is certainly a historic moment, one that marks the start of a new and exciting phase for our region, as we continue to build on our strengths and capitalise on the possibilities the future presents, in order to provide the services, infrastructure, facilities and opportunities our residents deserve.

“There’s a lot of exciting projects underway that the new Council will have the opportunity to take carriage of and work with the community to deliver, and I encourage residents to take an active and constructive role in helping inform Council’s future priorities.”