Low scores at Tipperary course

Low scores have been shot at Tippary.
Low scores have been shot at Tippary.

Tuesday’s social game at Tippary Golf was won by Jake Searle 33-17 from Pat Hewen on 34-21.

Jake and Nora Styles each had a gobble and Brad Nordhuis had a birdie.

An 18 hole stroke event was played on Thursday with Pat Hewen coming in first with 67-46 from Brad Nordhuis 60-49.

Pat and Brad had a birdie each. Pat also had a gobble a Brad and Max Hardman had two birdies each.

Sunday saw a 2 person ambrose, select partner was the order of the day, Lindsay Sheather and Craig Hall being the winners from Jake Searle and Nora Styles.

Birdies on the day to Craig and Lindsay (3), Bradd and Max Hardman (3), Jake Veney and Casey Wall (2), Pat and Kevin Rattenbury (2), Nora and Jake Searle (1).

Gobbles to Craig and Lindsay, Pat and Kevin, Brad and Max, Nora and Jake.

Birdie hole winners were Lindsay and Craig, Brad and Max and Casey and Jake.

Sunday is Medal of Medals day. Nora’s sponsorship day is October 22.