Lorraine’s Saturday win

On Saturday 11 players took part in a ball sweepstake event. The winner on the day was Lorraine Regan with 34 pts, Chris Keevil was in second place with 33 pts, Lynne Page with 32 pts was third and Marie Inwood and Helen Spencer both on 31 pts collected a ball. The Elegant Timber Shutters and Blinds NTP on the 7th was won by Shirley Roberts.

11 ladies from Young travelled to Gundagai to compete in the South West Championship with a majority of the silverware coming home. The full story is on the back page. A single stableford event was held on Wednesday with 16 players. Vouchers for the day were donated by the Lady Golfers. The Division 1 winner was Helen Spencer with 37 pts. In Division 2 Sandra Holmes collected the voucher when she returned 38 pts and Maria Hanrahan, following on from last week’s good round, had 45 pts to be a clear winner in Division 3. Maria compiled 28 pts on the back nine. Good to see Maria playing on a consistent basis. Ball comp winners were Maria (45), Sandra (38), Libby Plumley (37), Lyn Quay (37) and Helen Spencer (37). The Elegant Timber Shutters and Blinds NTP on the 7th was won by Sandra Holmes and Maria Hanrahan capped off a great day by collecting the Keith Simmons Engineering drive and chip on the 13th.

ON COURSE: There has once again been plenty of action at Young Golf Club.

ON COURSE: There has once again been plenty of action at Young Golf Club.

On Saturday there will be a single stableford with vouchers for the day being donated by Laura Caldwell and Bridges Financial Services. There will be winner and runner-up vouchers in three divisions (subject to numbers). The Holden Scramble will be held on Sunday. Next Wednesday is Tee-off for Breast Cancer with vouchers to be donated by Donges IGA. Please wear something pink for the day. Presentation day will be held on Sunday November 5 in the form of a nine hole competition and lunch. There will be a sheet on the board for names.

RESULTS: Wednesday Single Stableford: Div 1 Winner - Helen Spencer 37 pts, Div 2 Winner - Sandra Holmes 38 pts, Div 3 Winner - Maria Hanrahan 45, Ball Comp Winners - Maria 45, Sandra 38, Helen 37, Libby Plumley 37 and Lynne Quay 37, Elegant Timber Shutters and Blinds NTP 7th Sandra Holmes, Keith Simmone Engineering drive and chip NTP 13th Maria Hanrahan 16 players and 6 Pros Comp.

Saturday Single Stableford - Ball Sweepstake: Winner – Lorraine Regan 34 pts. Ball winners – Chris Keevil (33), Lynne Page (32), Marie Inwood (31), Helen Spencer (31). 11 players.

SWLGA Championship at Gundagai: Open Championship - Liz Harding (168). Closed Championship - Liz Harding 86 + 82 runner-up Leanne Slater 87 + 84. Presidents Trophy - Liz Harding 74 nett. Open Scratch Team - Winners Liz Harding 86 + 82, Leanne Slater 87 + 84 and Michele Blizzard 92 + 91. Open Championship Div 3 Winner - Tilla Davis 99 + 103. Div 1 - Leanne Slateer runner-up 36 hole handicap 143. Friday - Leanne Slater 1st 9 hole 32 nett. Saturday - Liz Harding runner-up gross 82 and third Leanne Slater gross 84, Kate Cooper third handicap 71 nett. Div 2 - Larraine Nicolls runner-up 36 hole handicap 139. Friday Larraine Nicolls 1st 9 32 nett. Saturday Larraine Nicolls runner-up 18 hole gross 93 and Libby Plumley 1st 9 35 nett. Div 3 - Friday Tilla Davis winner  18 hole gross 99. Saturday Tilla Davis winner 18 hole handicap 72 net and Penny Greaves runner-up 18 hole handicap 74 nett.