Senior cricket results and draw


Delta Agribusiness Division One

  • Come Alive Fitness Crusaders (83) were defeated by the Young Services Club Blues (4/84) at Albert Park.
  • Mimosa Whirlwinds CC (4/146) defeated the Australian Hotel Coyotes (145) at Nixon Park 1

Dunk Insurance/Blooms Chemist Division Two

  • Temora Bowling Club Tigers (105) defeated the Temora Ex-Services Renegades (100) at Nixon Park 2.
  • Stockinbingal Cricket Club (7/152) defeated the Temora Shamrock Hotel Leprechauns (145) at Stockinbingal Recreation Ground.
  • Criterion Gunners (142) were defeated by the Young Services Club Saints (166) at Gus Smith Oval 2.
  • Aussie Hotel Scorchers had the bye.

Draw for Saturday November 11

Delta Agribusiness Division One

  • Central Hotel Cavaliers vs Come Alive Fitness Crusaders at Albert Park
  • Young Services Club Blues vs Mimosa Whirlwinds CC at Gus Smith Oval 1
  • Australian Hotel Coyotes have the bye

Dunk Insurance/Blooms Chemist Division Two

  • Stockinbingal Cricket Club vs Criterion Gunners at Stockinbingal Recreation Ground.
  • Temora Shamrock Hotel Leprechauns vs Aussie Hotel Scorchers at Nixon Park 2.
  • Temora Bowling Club Tigers vs Young Services Club Saints at Nixon Park 1.