Tell the council what you think

Hilltops Council Mayor Brian Ingram is reminding residents and rate-payers they have until next Wednesday, November 15 to complete the ‘Your Hilltops’ survey that has been designed to gather feedback from the community about their ideas for the future of the region.

Mayor Ingram said the information gathered from the survey, together with the constructive feedback gathered at the 12 community and village workshops, three pop-up street stands and various forums, will go towards putting together Council’s Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

“The ideas and thoughts we’ve heard from members of the community through the various out-reach initiatives have been excellent; residents who’ve attended or completed a survey have shown a deep level of understanding about the issues facing the region, and have come to us with forward-thinking and considered ideas about how we grow our area over the next five, ten, even 20 years,” he said.

“The CSP will only be as good as the feedback we get from the community.” 

Hilltops Council Mayor Brian Ingram.

Hilltops Council Mayor Brian Ingram.