Young does not have a container deposit site yet and no one can say if we will get one

The price of a carton of beer or a bottle of soft drink rose recently as part of the NSW government’s container deposit scheme (CDS) but no one seems to know if or when Young is going to have a collection point for empty cans and bottles.

The Environment Protection Authority said it cannot confirm if Young will receive a container deposit site despite the looming start of the scheme on December 1. 

An EPA Spokesperson said the scheme is a “massive” logistical exercise.

“Many collection sites have already been installed, and the roll out of the scheme is a massive logistical exercise,” the spokesperson said. “The Network Operator TOMRA Cleanaway will announce collection point locations as they are finalised.”

But, Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke was more optimistic.

“Currently, collection point locations are being rolled out across the state,”Ms Cooke said. “This is a very big logistical exercise which is why the rollout started several weeks ago.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke.

“There will be an announcement made very soon… Watch this space!”

Woolworths Young wants a collection point but has yet to be told by its State management if a station could be located in its car park.

The scheme doesn’t officially start until December 1, but the price rise is already in place to help fund its introduction.

The price rise has angered bottle shop owners who say they are copping the brunt of the backlash from consumers.

For a carton of 24 cans or bottles, that will mean an increase of approximately $4 with consumers able to claim back 10 cents for every container they return to authorised collection points.

Milk, orange juice and cordial containers over one litre are exempt.

Donges IGA Young Manager Wendy Silk slammed the scheme saying it has been poorly executed and publicised.

“We are the ones who are seen to be putting the prices up when in fact it is the State Government scheme that has caused this to happen,” she said.

“The problem with what the State Government is doing now is that there has been very little information available to anyone, from retailers to members of the public,  I even rang the Council to find out they know about it and they tell me they have no information either.”