Future leaders voice their opinions | Photos

The Hilltops Council has consulted with the region's youth to help with implementing new ideas into its Community Strategic Plan.

The Youth Future Leaders Forum was hosted by the Council at Town Hall last Tuesday, and there was no shortage of ideas and feedback to consider.

Hilltops Council general manager Anthony McMahon said the diversity of views aired at the forum made it an important event.

"We often hear from the middle and older demographic about what is important for the region but getting that message from the younger generation is something we don't always do well," he said.

"Today has been beneficial because we have heard from the youth of our community and we have received strong feedback that will help set council for the future.

"We wanted to draw out what was important to our future generation and get that information from our young leaders to shape our future planning." 

Young High School student Trinity Trantino said the forum was worthwhile because of the range of opinions that were discussed.

"I think this forum was great because I feel better informed about our community and not just issues that impact on our school," she said.

Hennessey High School student Harry Tiernan said he found the forum valuable because it allowed students to gain and put forward ideas that will benefit the Hilltops community.

"This is a great way to promote ideas and to get things done for our community," he said.

Cr Rita O'Connor said the forum provided a voice for young people.

"Our youth often have a voice and opinion that goes unheard, and it is very important that we do hear them," she said.

Cr Wendy Tuckerman said the forum was a great exercise in showing young people that the Council is interested in hearing their opinions.

"We are here to listen, and we want to find out what is important to them, and this exercise where all the schools have come together to discuss what is important is very valuable for our planning going forward," she said.

"We have seen some absolutely fantastic future leaders at this forum, and we have great faith that this region is in good hands for the future."

We have great faith that this region is in good hands for the future

Wendy Tuckerman