Mixed views on return and earn

Young has a new Return and Earn - reverse vending machine located in the Woolworths carpark and locals have mixed opinions about it.

The NSW government’s container deposit scheme (CDS) has been widely criticised for the extra money beer and soft drink will now cost consumers.

Retailers have also expressed anger over the scheme because customers have blamed them for the price rise.

But none of that seemed to matter to Young residents keen to get some money back and help the environment by recycling.

Bronte Rathjen and his five-year-old son Cohen were amongst the first to "deposit" some cans.

"Cohen and I stopped by the new Return and Earn - reverse vending machines at Young Woolworths on Friday morning to try out the new scheme on day one," he said.

"We used the blue machine - which takes drink Cartons, Plastic and Cans; we know the green machine is for glass. Our refund was worth $1.80

"I remember when I was younger growing up in South Australia, one of our jobs was to load up the recycling into the back of the family car on a Saturday morning and Mum or Dad would drive us down to the recycling depot.

“We would sort the cans and bottles and the refund would be our pocket money. The one in Young was easy to use and looks to be available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.”

However, not all people using the machine were happy.

"I think it's pretty poor that there is only one in a town as big as Young, " one customer who did not want to be named said.

"It is a silly design because I doubt people are going to want to stand around and deposit one can or bottle at a time, surely with modern technology there would be a way to count a bulk drop of containers. Also, it appears with this machine, you get a voucher to spend money at Woolworths, so if you don’t want to shop at Woolies you’re out of luck.”

However, Young Woolworths did confirm with the Witness whilst they encourage people to use the vouchers to take money off their grocery bill, the voucher can be redeemed for cash at their service desk.

NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton said the scheme would provide fundraising opportunities for schools and community groups.