Friday night harness racing in Young

Harness racing returns to Young on Friday night with the running of an eight race program. 

Check out all of Stuart Maxwell’s tips and picks as well as all of the fields for the racing action below.

Following a marathon meeting prior to Cherry Festival, Young Harness Racing Club will present a more modest but indeed competitive meeting at the Paceway Friday night.

The first of eight races will commence at 6:43 pm with the final race being conducted at the more civilised time of 10:18 pm.

The two feature races will be race three, the Lyle Jones Memorial and race six, the David Glasheen Memorial. The committee are hoping for fine weather for their final meeting before the Christmas break with their following meeting to be held on January 16.

Race 1

Last weeks impressive winner She’s A Ranger has the perfect draw to lead again in this under the guidance of Angela Hedges who likes to lead and she certainly gets the opportunity here. Siotada has been racing consistently with wins here and Bathurst and will certainly put pressure on the Grenfell bred pacer. Brett Hutchings has his horses firing well at the moment and Red Hot Jerry will be finishing on with Amanda Turnbull looking to retain her winning form behind Our Novak in an interesting opening event.

Race 2 

Bathurst mentor Lester Hewitt and leading driver John O’Shea combine in race two with Runaway Jolt who has been knocking on the door with placings at his last four starts and looks the winner here. Steve Turnbull has El Gran Senor engaged here, one of a total of 43 pacers trained in the Western Districts who are competing at this meeting in a total of 71 starters. In my reckoning that’s around 60 percent. Taylah Studleigh is about to break through for Jake Davis while the locally trained Ainsleys Dream has been showing some good form and could be a trifecta player.

Race 3

The Lyle Jones Memorial. Amanda Turnbull will be looking to repeat the performance of last start Young winner in Taihape Sunset although coming off an awkward gate. Given time to settle early, you can expect a forward move mid race from our leading female driver. Kyalla Stuart has been around the money lately and a win would not surprise with the pole marker and locally trained Stylish Thoughts and Mustang Jet rough chances at good odds.

Race 4

A horse with an unusual racing style, Oh I Am The One has won at his last two starts at Young and Dubbo, both smaller tracks and again this will suit from a wide gate six. John O’Shea will again be at his best if he is to get Armbro Chimes in a winning position from gate nine and Keep On moving, who has drawn inside both could be surprise at reasonable odds. Brett Hutchings has a chance to spoil the party with Cancickatarget following some eye catching runs of late.

Race 5

Last start winner Power To Bolt has another chance to maintain a perfect record for Goulburn trainer Neil Day. Experience could be the only question mark against this well bred pacer who is from a very astute stable. Junee trainer Bruce Harpley knows what it takes to have a winner the stable and his opinion of Some Waratah has been verified with the performances of this consistent pacer who is yet to break through for a win. Steve Turnbull has been successful with Grosestar with two wins and two placings and he will be looking for his replacement driver Mitch Turnbull to make it three wins from five starts.

Race. 6

The David Glasheen Memorial. This could be the most competitive race of the night with Bathurst trainer Peter Bullock having drawn ideally with Shazam Shannon from gate two. The pace will be on throughout and will suit some, not the least being the improving local pacer Sunofasis for Maurice Johnson. Rainbow On Fire and Kirra Kid will be in the firing line and it looks like lady luck will play a major roll in the final outcome.

Race 7

Steve and Mitch Turnbull will combine again in the penultimate race of the night with The Rath who has been racing well since winning to on end prior to his latest performances. Local trainer Glenn Wilmot will be hoping Annatto will produce her best form since finishing just behind the placegetters at her last two starts. Another locally trained pacer, Soho Beijing has been showing improvement of last and a change of luck could be all that is needed to see the Ian Butt trained pacer collect the major end of the prize.

Race 8

Neil Day waited all night at the last meeting held on this track, only to be beaten in a close photo. The nine gate is the only disadvantage for Courage Within but with a clear run through and a comfortable sit early he could make amends for his last defeat. His dangers are Rosemary Shannon from a wide gate but may go forward, the resuming Canberra pacer Lookatmekimay (Kath and Kim Fame) and Kiss The Aviator who seems to like this track and is ideally drawn.



1 MISS IVES – 72514 (t) Gregory Rue, (d) Gregory Rue

2 SHES A RANGER – 17191 (t) Adam Bellach (d) Angela Hedges

3 RED HOT JERRY – 01293 (t) Brett Hutchings (d) Brett Hutchings

4 MICKILLA EXPRESS – 95856 (t) Mark Hewitt (d) Mark Hewitt

5 ROAD TO VEGAS – 28332 (t) Ian Osmond (d) Scott Osmond

6 SIOTADA – 17112 (t) Steve Jones (d) Glenn Wilmot

----- Second Row -----

7 DEEINNOCENTWON – 5r977 (t) Aaron Garaty (d) Aaron Garaty

8 OUR NOVAK NZ – 09431 (t) Brett Hutchings (d) Mitch Turnbull (C)

Race 2 7.18pm YOUNG LOCKSMITH PACE 2100m

1 LUCKY TO MAKE IT – 2045s (t) Michael Souden (d) Michael Souden

2 EL GRAN SENOR NZ – 411s2 (t) Steve Turnbull (d) Amanda Turnbull

3 RUNAWAY JOLT – 43322 (t) Lester Hewitt (d) John O’Shea

4 TAYLAH STUDLEIGH – 32253 (t) Leigh Davis (d) Jake Davis (C)

5 AINSLEYS DREAM – 52734 (t) Rodney Blythe (d) Rodney Blythe

6 FANNYCHENAL – 97619 (t) Darryl Fliedner (d) Nic Dewar (C)

----- Second Row -----

7 ANODOUBT – 1s069 (t) Brian Smith (d) Scott Osmond

8 MIDNIGHT IN VEGAS – 21831 (t) Glenn Wilmot (d) Glenn Wilmot

Race 3 7.50pm LYLE JONES MEMORIAL 2,100m

1 SPECIAL THOUGHTS – 65414 (t) David Micallef (d) Blake Micallef (C)

2 MUSTANG JET – 1s429 (t) Glenn Wilmot (d) Glenn Wilmot

3 ALLEBASI – 669s6 (t) Graham Looby (d) Graham Looby

4 BOYZINBLUE – 00836 (t) Steve Jones (d) Aaron Garaty

5 PERFECTDISTRACTION – 67437 (t) Adam Bellach (d) Angela Hedges

6 KYALLA STUART – 42263 (t) Shannon Rye (d) Monique Parsons

----- Second Row -----

7 TAIHAPE SUNSET NZ – 21131 (t) Amanda Turnbull (d) Brett Hutchings

8 FLYINGRETNA NZ – 42258 (t) Brett Hutchings (d) Brett Hutchings

Race 4 8.18pm SOUTHWEST TRACTOR PACE 2100m

1 ANOTHER FIREBALL – 95976 (t) David Micallef (d) Blake Micallef (C,cl)

2 HUGE ATTITUDE – 11s65 (t) Michael Hawke (d) Melissa Hawke

3 COOLA BAR BOY – 5742s (t) Michael Souden (d) Michael Souden

4 SMART MAJOR NZ – 39335 (t) Jeff Brown (d) Jeff Brown

5 KEEP ON MOVING – 72564 (t) Josh Turnbull (d) Mitch Turnbull (C)

6 OH I AM THE ONE NZ – 97911 (t) Steve Turnbull (d) Amanda Turnbull

----- Second Row -----

7 CANKICKATARGET – 1s253 (t) Brett Hutchings (d) Brett Hutchings

8 HOLY CAMP CLIVE – 14628 (t) Robert Anderson (d) Robert Anderson

9 AMBRO CHIMES – 34147 (t) Lester Hewitt (d) John O’Shea


1 POWER TO BOLT – 1 (t) Neil Day (d) Amy Day

2 CRIME TIME – 6237s (t) Michael Hawke (d) Melissa Hawke

3 STUDLEIGH STRIDE – 73555 (t) Leigh Davis (d) Jake Davis (C)

4 CALL ME MISSY – 5765s (t) Nathan Hurst (d) Angela Hedges

5 SOME WARATAH – 222 (t) Bruce Harpley (d) Bruce Harpley

6 SWOOPED TO SAFETY – 75457 (t) Raymond Turner (d) Raymond Turner

----- Second Row -----

7 LADY ZARAS HOME – 42s96 (t) Kelvin Winnell (d) Jane Morris

8 GROSESTAR – 1213 (t) Steve Turnbull (d) Mitch Turnbull (C)

9 BRADY – 8s (t) Glenn Wilmot (d) Glenn Wilmot


1 STAR PLAY – 336s0 (t) Veronica Fisher (d) Justin Reynolds (C)

2 SHAZAM SHANNON – 24462 (t) Peter Bullock (d) McKayler Barnes (C) 

3 LETTUCEONTHEBEACH – 8037s (t) Raymond Turner (d) Raymond Turner

4 MISS FIFI – 95303 (t) Stacey Hardy (d) Mitch Turnbull (C)

5 SUNOFASIS – 63533 (t) Maurice Johnson (d) Maurice Johnson

6 RAINBOW ON FIRE – 61735 (t) Steve Turnbull (d) Amanda Turnbull

----- Second Row -----

7 REDBANK HARRY – 736s8 (t) Judith Rutland (d) Trevor Rutland

8 KIRRA KID NZ – 54543 (t) David Micallef (d) Blake Micallef (C)

9 BOSSY ALEC – 18407 (t) Lester Hoy (d) Nathan Hoy

Race 7 9.47pm TAB PACE 2100m

1 CALL ME MASTER – 98s69 (t) Peter McFarlane (d) Robert Anderson

2 SOFIRE GIRL – 94s68 (t) Judith Rutland (d) Trevor Rutland

3 ALISONS JET NZ – 32658 (t) David Micallef (d) Blake Micallef (C)

4 MAMMALS SPARK – 09009 (t) Gregory Cattell (d) Gregory Cattell

5 THE RATH – s1156 (t) Steve Turnbull (d) Mitch Turnbull (C)

6 SOHO BEIJING – 66053 (t) Ian Butt (d) Ian Butt

----- Second Row -----

7 ANNATTO NZ – 94944 (t) Glenn Wilmot (d) Glenn Wilmot

8 ITS A SHAKEDOWN – 98867 (t) Monique Parsons (d) Monique Parsons

9 MILLION DOLLAR JIM – 54577 (t) Matthew Jonstone (d) Scott Osmond


1 KISS THE AVIATOR – 90774 (t) Steve Turnbull (d) Mitch Turnbull (C)

2 DIAMOND THIEF – 03465 (t) Malcolm Hutchings (d) Brett Hutchings

3 NO NEXT TIME – rs (t) Raymond Turner (d) Raymond Turner

4 BUDDY SHANNON – s059s (t) Peter Bullock (d) Jake Davis (C)

5 LOOKATMEKYMAY – 3376s (t) Michael Hawke (d) Melissa Hawke

6 ROSEMARY SHANNON – 6s6b2 (t) Petter Bullock (d) McKayler Barnes (C)

----- Second Row -----

7 CANT CATCH HIM – 9s574 (t) Shannon Rye (d) Monique Parsons

8 BILLY BOLT – 442s8 (t) Ian Osmond (d) Scott Osmond

9 COURAGE WITHIN – 95242 (t) Neil Day (d) Neil Day

10 TENNESSEE KNEE – (t) Jeff Brown (d) Nic Dewar (C)

11 TIZ A SAUCY MASTER (Em 1) – 099s5 (t) Raymond Turner (d) Raymond Turner

Photo: Rebecca Hewson

Photo: Rebecca Hewson