Coffee man bringing the music to town

Adrian Capra is Young's coffee guru, but he is also gaining a reputation for bringing great musical acts to town.

Mr Capra wants 2018 to be a big music year for Young, and anybody who was at the Waifs gig late in 2017 will testify that he knows how to put on a show.

Coffee and music are Capra's two addictions and combining them seemed logical to him.

"Caffeine and Rock n Roll are a massive part of my life, my parents tell me my first words were Ob-la di, ob-la-da," he said.

"I feel an obligation to share the love that I have for coffee and music and all I am doing is adding value to our brand and it seems locals want more."

Mr Capra said he would like to promote bigger gigs at the town hall in 2018, but will continue with the smaller intimate shows at his cafe.

"Bringing the bigger gigs, like the Waifs to the town hall is 100 percent do-able," he said.

"The Waifs gig was a springboard; it has now challenged me to see if we can do more, that gig ran really smoothly.

"Everything is all in the detail, the town hall acoustics sound great, we have the two best sound guys in Michael Croke and Henry King, who are local, we'd look to do two a year and possibly grow from there, but we will continue the regular gigs we are putting on at the cafe."

Capra said he wants any future town hall gigs to be seen as special rather than just another gig.

"I want to create an event," he said.

"Music fans in this town have been starved and the fact we sold more than 450 tickets to a show that was held on a Tuesday night, that tells me people want something special and if it is on offer they will support it.

"We will look to bring Cold Chisel's Ian Moss to town this year, Killing Heidi's Ella Hooper any of them could be a bigger event, or could be done as a small show in the cafe, we know the 'event gig' at the town hall works.

“People in Young want the event experience that they get in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra and I'd like to give it to them."