Do you celebrate Valentines Day?

Send us a picture of you and your love on Valentines Day if you celebrate the day.
Send us a picture of you and your love on Valentines Day if you celebrate the day.

It seems most Aussies can take or leave Valentines Day. More and more are choosing to leave it.

A recent survey by shows only 36 percent of Aussies will splash out on their partners and celebrate their love on February 14. On average these Aussies will spend $75 each, which is still equivalent to a whopping $528 million across the nation.  

But almost two thirds (64 percent) won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, with most avoiding the celebrating because of cost. 

Cost is a big factor in Young with a street poll conducted on the weekend (20 people) finding the expense of the day prohibitive.

The finder survey found 25 percent of Aussies don’t celebrate the day anymore because they think it’s a rip-off or too expensive. 

Most people we asked said they can tell their significant other they love them any day and find Valentine's day an “American celebration” or a “way for florists and card companies to cash in on people who feel guilty”.

One Young resident who did not want to be named said he suspected florists marked up their flowers on Valentines Day and if you add a meal at a restaurant and chocolates the day ends up being a massive “money-making scheme.”

Other views of Young Residents include those who think to celebrate the day should be an individual choice.

 “I'm happy for those that want to do it, it's an individual choice,” local Patricia Roberts said. 

“I just think it's an American tradition, a bit like Halloween. We don't do it, but it's a bit of fun for the young ones, just don't get caught up in the commercial side of it.” 

Tammy O’Brien isn’t celebrating the day this year. “I'm not doing it this year. Mostly it just makes people who are sitting home alone feel sad because they don't feel loved,” she said. “I used to like the idea of it, but I think it's not the day of celebrating love it should be. I will be very happy not to have it shoved in my face.” 

Not everyone feels torn about the day though. 

“Oh, how I love Valentines Day. OK, so its commercial, who cares. It's simultaneous romance world wide, and I look forward to this day every year. My partner and I enjoy it to the max.” Sarina Bonnes said

“I have been with my partner for a few years, and we always do something special, I always look forward to Valentine's day,” Young resident Courtney said.

So if you are a hopeless romantic and still want to celebrate the day, there are cheap ways of doing it.

One good friend of mine always arranges to finish work early, cooks dinner for his wife stays in and enjoys a a movie on the couch.

“I have been doing that for ten years, and my wife loves it, and I don't see any reason to change what has become a tradition for us,” he said.

The survey also found that the older Aussies get, the more anti-Valentine’s they become with 80 percent of Baby Boomer's steering clear of the holiday, in comparison to 67 percent of Gen X and 47 percent of Gen Y.

The survey also found men spend big on Valentine’s Day.                  

On the whole, men will spend $94 on gifts, almost double that of women ($56). 

Here are some handy tips if you do want to celebrate Valentines Day.

1. Shop by price – Create a budget and stick to it. You don’t need to splash out on luxurious gifts and a fancy dinner to show someone you love them. Check out a Valentine’s Day gift guide to keep your spend on track.  

2. It’s the thought that counts – If you want to save why not make a gift instead. You’ll likely score a few bonus points by adding a few personal touches too! If you’re not the crafty type, simply making a card or putting some thought into a love letter will suffice. 

3. Netflix and chill – You will see price markups on almost everything on Valentine’s Day, from restaurants to flowers and accommodation. If the holiday is to celebrate your relationship and show your partner you love them, you can easily do that by settling down for a night of Netflix binging and snacks. Perhaps your gift can be letting your significant other choose the movie? 

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