Hilltops Council Mayor responds to thieves and vandals

Hilltops Council Mayor Brian Ingram has condemned the actions of members of the community who have stolen and destroyed property over the last few weeks.

Brian Ingram.

Brian Ingram.

Mayor Ingram’s comments came after a spate of vehicles were stolen, damaged and destroyed, two local schools were broken into and at least one business as well as many items stolen from local residents homes and vehicles.

“It’s very disappointing that this is happening in our community,” Mr Ingram said.

Businesses and homeowners work very hard to purchase property, when this property is vandalised or stolen it is very disheartening and can leave them feeling very vulnerable for a long time afterwards.”

A number of posts have been shared and posted on Facebook from residents in the Young area who have had work tools, pets, vehicles and other items stolen with many wondering why such vicious and thoughtless acts have taken place.

“In regards to a spate of robberies it usually turns out to be the same person or group of people responsible,” Mr Ingram said.

In response to the public anger and frustration at the thefts Mayor Ingram has a warning for those responsible.

“They will get caught.”

Mayor Ingram asked that young people in particular think about their actions before they do something stupid, reckless or incriminating.

“They will get caught because there is going to be a higher police presence in the community as well as home and business owners being more vigilant by installing cameras and extra security,” he said. 

“It is only a matter of time before they get caught.”

The Mayor also has some advice for residents.

“Make sure you lock your sheds and home. Take keys out of vehicles.

“If you are going away talk to your neighbours so they can keep an eye on the property and collect the mail so it doesn’t make it obvious that you’re not home.”