Bond for 45 illegal plants | Photos

A man from Canberra and formerly from Young was convicted and sentenced to a 12 month bond in Young Local Court for growing and cultivating 45 cannabis plants last year.

Grant Ronald Adlington, 35 of Lavington in the ACT plead guilty to cultivate prohibited plant more than small and less than or equal to an indictable quantity in Young Local Court on Tuesday in front of Magistrate Michael O’Brien.

Adlington’s solicitor Ms Barmes confirmed that negotiations between her client and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had been successful and a second charge had been withdrawn.

The 35-year-old had told police during questioning he was cultivating the plants ‘to see if I could grow it...for personal reasons.’

According to the agreed upon police facts Adlington claimed his partner was suffering from cancer and using the cannabis to alleviate her symptoms and he was cultivating the plants to supply to his partner in an attempt to save money. Mr O’Brien said in court that though he could appreciate there had been results to show medical benefits of smoking cannabis it was to be done under medical advice and supervision not to self-medicate.

According to the DPP there were 45 plants, only five short of a commercial offence.

The agreed upon facts said on July 23, 2017 police attended the property in Murringo after reports of cannabis plants on the property. While police were inspecting the property a yellow shipping container came to their attention. When Adlington was asked what was inside he responded ‘rubbish and old tools.’

Officers asked Adlington to open the container but he claimed that it was stuck however officers managed to open the door a small way and noticed straight away a rush of warm air and the smell of cannabis. The interior of the container was illuminated by a very bright light and a piece of black plastic hanging down behind the door. Police opened the door completely and observed a fully-functioning hydroponic set-up consisting of 45 cannabis plants – several of which were mature.

When police asked Adlington who was responsible for the plants he replied he was. Adlington was arrested and taken to Young Police Station where he was questioned. Adlington told police during his interview he had no real motive, had purchased the hydro set-up on Gumtree and began with four pots containing three plants each and had only had the plants for three months.

Former Acting Inspector for Young Kristen Marshall with some of the plants that were seized last July. Photo: Craig Thomson.

Former Acting Inspector for Young Kristen Marshall with some of the plants that were seized last July. Photo: Craig Thomson.