Strassman and the gang in Young | Videos

David Strassman's gang.

David Strassman's gang.

Innovative ventriloquist David Strassman is bringing his hilarious new show, iTedE, to the Young Services Club on March 13.

The comedy star said he is looking forward to bringing his show to Young.

"I love Australia; it's my second home!" , he said.

"I've travelled all across Australia, from Broome to Burney, from Weipa to Warrnambool.  

"I especially love the smaller cities and towns because that's where you find the real Aussies... where people are truly nice and chilled. There’s nothing like a sausage sizzle and a cold one in a small Australian town."

Mr Strassman said the show he will be presenting to Young is his best yet.

"iTedE is my funniest and best performance yet because I'm using my five main characters that have been in my show the longest," he said.

"The show is, first and foremost, a comedy and is very lightly centred on how social media has invaded all of our lives.

"The puppets and I don't push any message... we just hold up a very silly mirror to our strange and twisted society and show that all of us (yes, even you) can't seem to put down our smartphones or stop surfing social media.  Is that good or bad? You be the judge."

The puppet master said Young might be in for some local comment during the show.

"I love what I do! I'm a grown man who plays with dolls and makes people laugh for a living," he said.

"I'm doing the voices for the entire cast, so I get to improvise every night and adjust the performance to the audience, the location, and even the political climate.

"Research is key to be able to make jokes and comment locally."

And who is the star of the show, Chuck or Ted?

"There's a constant fight between Chuck and Ted E. as they jockey for position as 'star' of my show," he said.

"It's an ongoing battle that has lasted for years but, little do they know, I make 'em talk, so you figure out who's the lead...!"