Students' experience at Hilltops Council

Two students from RMIT in Melbourne and Sydney Uni recently completed their work experience at Hilltops Council and expressed interest in returning to the region when they graduate.

THEY WILL BE BACK: Kathleen Carmody and Kathleen Bolger both have completed work experience with Hilltops Council.

THEY WILL BE BACK: Kathleen Carmody and Kathleen Bolger both have completed work experience with Hilltops Council.

According to General Manager Anthony McMahon both Kathleen Carmody and Kathleen Bolger’s enthusiasm and interest in working in local government when they graduate was a positive not only locally but for the entire local government sector.

“It is great to be able to get students into the organisation and hopefully provide them with some practical insight into what they are learning through their studies,” Mr McMahon said.

“Hopefully by providing work experience with Council, we may be able to encourage them into a career in local government,” he said.

Ms Bolger grew up in Canberra and has been studying at RMIT. After spending a few months with Council she said the region is a “really interesting place to work.”

“The people here have been so welcoming. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with and learn from others in the organisation,” Ms Bolger said.

“It’s also been a great place for me to visit family and friends in nearby Wagga and Canberra,” she said.

Ms Bolger was also vocal in stating a return to the area after she has finished her degree.

“Yes, I would love to come back after I finish my studies,” she said.

Ms Bolger also had advice for those considering to move to the region.

“It’s a great opportunity and you should give it a go! There is such a diversity of issues and challenges in regional areas.”

Kathleen Carmody grew up in Boorowa and studies at Sydney Uni and spent several months with the Hilltops Council working with the infrastructure team.

Ms Carmody believes a career in local government would be really rewarding.

“Local government provides so many opportunities to gain skills and create a real difference in communities,” she said.

“Having the opportunity to get practical experience in civil engineering has been amazing.”

Ms Carmody said she was most impressed with observing the diversity in the work Council undertakes.

“I feel like I have gained a practical understanding of the role of engineers in local government,” Ms Carmody said.

Ms Carmody’s childhood in Boorowa has made the possibility of returning to the region a real consideration.

“I grew up in Boorowa, so Hilltops is home to me! There is such a friendly atmosphere here and the community is so supportive of young people.”

“Working in regional areas gives you an amazing opportunity to work on diverse projects and really get to know the people in the community you are working for.”