Up and down NAPLAN results

The MySchool website has released the latest figures from the 2017 NAPLAN with most primary schools across the region performing well.

Results between Young North Public School and St Mary’s Primary School were very tight in nearly all areas.

In Year three reading, the numbers were tight between St Mary’s (440) and Young North (438), coming in next best was New Medinah College (395) followed by Young Public School (384). The national average was 431.

Year three writing figures were once again close with St Mary’s coming in the best locally on 436, Young North Public School close behind on 430, New Medinah College one point behind on 429 followed by Young Public on 389. The national average was 414.

Year three spelling saw New Medinah College come out on top with 423 followed by St Mary’s on 417, Young North Public School on 401 and Young Public on 378. The national average was 416.

In Year three grammar St Mary’s was well ahead on 470 with Young North on 437, Young Public on 402 and New Medinah on 393. The national average was 439.

In Year three numeracy St Mary’s was once again well ahead of all schools across the region on 427, New Medina on 396, Young North on 393 and Young Public on 373. The national average was 409.

Year five figures across the region showed all schools were around or below the national average.

Year five reading was once again close between St Mary’s (478) and Young North (477) with only one point separating the scores. Young Public (470) was not far behind either with Medinah College (454) coming in fourth. The national average was 506.

Year five writing saw the order reverse with Medinah College (476) coming in the top spot, Young North (475) close behind, Young Public (468) was again close but St Mary’s (458) was 10 points behind. The national average was 473.

In Year five spelling St Mary’s returned to the top on 492 followed by Young Public School on 474, Young North on 466 and New Medinah on 458. The national average was 501.

Grammar for Year five resulted in St Mary’s on 493, Young North on 484, Young Public on 472 and New Medinah on 451. The national average was 499.

Numeracy was close between New Medinah (477) and St Mary’s (478) with Young Public (462) and Young North (448) 14 points behind. The national average was 494.