Education precinct Steering Committee is a goer

The Hilltops Council has decided to accept all the nominations it received from the public to become members of the Hilltops Cultural, Community and Education Precinct, Community Project Steering Committee. 

Council general manager Anthony McMahon recommended to councillors that the people who showed a genuine interest in the precinct by nominating should be given the opportunity to shape the project.

Mayor Brian Ingram agreed and said if people were interested enough to put their names forward they should be on the committee that he would chair.

“I am quite comfortable that the full nomination of people should be on the committee,” he said.

“I am happy to work with all those people on that committee and turn them into a great asset for us.”

Councillor Rita O’Connor was given a positive response when she asked if councillors could also be on the committee.

“Councillors are welcomed to be involved in the Steering Committee as much as they would like to be,” Cr Ingram said.

Young resident Bill Yeomans says he is "happy to be on the committee for this important venture."

Young resident Bill Yeomans says he is "happy to be on the committee for this important venture."

Young resident Bill Yeomans said it was “great news” that everyone who sent in an expression of interest to be on the Steering Committee had been accepted.

“I think including so many wide and varied opinions on the committee can only be a good thing,” he said. 

“I am very happy to be on the committee for this important venture.

“Most people want what is best for the town and up until now, they have had only small amounts of information to base their opinions on.

“I am hoping the committee will be shown all the information that is available and once that occurs, I am positive we will see less varied opinions on how this Education Precinct will look and function and where it will be.”

Fellow Young resident Kris Behler said there is a good mix of people on the committee.

“It looks like a good mix of people representing various areas and groups in Young,” she said.

“It will be great to hear people's ideas on how to achieve the best possible solution to our library situation.

“We are a 'Steering' committee - we will help steer the council in the right direction, do research and have discussions with stakeholders to work out what works and what doesn't.”