MPHN: Seniors take control of their own health

Health: The Murrumbidgee PHN is urging older residents from Young to sign up for a My Health Record online. Photo: Supplied.
Health: The Murrumbidgee PHN is urging older residents from Young to sign up for a My Health Record online. Photo: Supplied.

Older residents from Young are being urged to consider their ongoing health and the benefits of having a My Health Record during the Hilltops Enliven festivities in April.

Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network (PHN) Chief Executive Officer Melissa Neal said the My Health Record is an individual’s safe and secure digital health information, easily accessible by healthcare providers involved in their care including General Practitioners, pharmacists and hospitals.

According to Ms Neal all Australians will have a My Health Record by the end of 2018 unless they choose not to.

Australian Digital Health Agency Chief Executive Officer Tim Kelsey said the expansion of My Health Record nationally this year will deliver a system that provides universal functionality, clear and concise content and, critically, a safe and secure clinical health service for all Australians.

“My Health Record can reduce the risk of medical misadventures by providing treating clinicians with up-to- date information,” Mr Kelsey said.

“The benefits of digital health for patients are significant and compelling. Digital health can improve and help save lives.

“Many older Australians who have seen the numerous advantages, are getting on board early, with many aged care residents across the Riverina having a My Health Record,” he said.

Ms Neal said across the Murrumbidgee PHN region 13 aged care facilities are also connected to and using the My Health Record system to access residents’ health information.

“A My Health Record can help older Australians manage their prescriptions and list their allergies while having their medical conditions and test results viewable by relevant health care professionals. Individuals themselves can also add to the online record which can assist in emergency situations,” Ms Neal said.

“Being connected to and having healthcare professionals using the My Health Record system is streamlining care and providing better health outcomes.

“But perhaps the most appealing feature of the My Health Record system, is it travels with you. With so many older Australians donning the title of a ‘Grey Nomad’ and travel around our country. Having a My Health Record means no matter where in Australia, or even the world, you can access your important health information with just a few clicks on a computer or swipes on your mobile device,” she said.

Individuals can get more information or register now for a My Health Record by going to or phoning freecall 1800 723 471.