People say 40km/h rule has many flaws | Poll

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Young Witness readers were far from happy about the State Government’s new 40 km/h rule that requires motorists to slow down when emergency services vehicles have their flashing lights on at roadside incidents and accidents.

Member for Cootamundra Steph Cooke said there will be tough new fines and penalties that come into force from September 1.

“Motorists that do not obey these laws will be fined $439 and will lose demerit points,” she said.

But most of our readers saw it as a way for police to raise revenue for the State Government.

Here are some examples of what you think.

Great idea but….

Great idea except for the 110 km/h dual carriageway... this is why there is a stopping lane engineered into the roadway. What this rule says is that we respect the safety of our emergency service workers, but anyone else who is stopped or broken down (as opposed to being booked for speeding) well, their safety isn't as important.. there is a duplicity of thought to the idea of road safety here. 

Slowing to 40 km/h on the dual carriageway should be replaced with merging to the right hand lane... if the incident is an accident where multiple EMS vehicles will be, then logic should dictate a point vehicle back down the road before the incident site. 

Slowing to 40 (on the dual carriageway) because some clown is being booked for speeding is an impedance to the flow of traffic on a perfectly safe piece of road with a purpose built stopping lane.

We should also remember that it was this State Government who tried and almost succeeded in removing Police and other services work health and safety rights with respect to journey claims. It's also the same State Government who these services have had to continually fight tooth and nail with to get decent wage and condition outcomes.

Yes there is a safety element to this policy, but it's just as much a point scoring exercise to make people all warm and fuzzy.

Struan Timms 

Doing 110km/hr on freeway to find a cop over crest or around blind bend, having pulled someone else over... slam brakes to pass at 40? Good luck with that!

Reuben Tobias

Just another rule that will be abused by the authorities to raise revenue. I can see it now, stop beside road, get radar gun ready, turn on lights as soon as somebody approaches, book him. Lights off and repeat procedure.

Grant Pollock

Travelling on a road doing 100 with a truck behind you, you go around a bend to see the flashing light and you gotta slow down to 40. Sure....if you want to get more flashing lights after another accident has been caused when the truck hits you from behind. Sure...Why not.

Lydia Falzon

If it applies to cops who've pulled someone over then it's ridiculous and will cause accidents, actual emergencies are a different story.

Shane Astill

Slow down fair enough, change lanes if possible but a mandatory 40k/ph is a joke.

Brett Back - Crane

Could cause more accidents.

Paul Selwyn 

The last thing you want in a truck is the car in front braking suddenly down to 40kph, I think foot off accelerator is all that should be required.

Bill Yeomans

Maybe you should also consider people that attend broken down vehicles on the side of road that only are allowed to have orange lights.

Richard Kirk

Police should be made to pull right off the road too. Not half way across the stopping lane.

Roger Dietrich