Call to re-open talks

 Young historian Joe Kinsela addressing a meeting in Carrington Park.
Young historian Joe Kinsela addressing a meeting in Carrington Park.

After presenting a submission to Hilltops Council on the proposed development of the town’s Education and Community Precinct, Young’s Community and Residents Association (YCARA) has stressed that it is not opposed to development.

“The YCARA call on Hilltops Council to re-open discussion on the siting of the Young Regional Library and listen to and respond to the concerns of the community and residents,” the group said in its submission.

Pointing to community opposition towards the plan the group recently gathered 1800 signatures on a petition against the proposal being sited in the town’s historic Carrington Park.

A Young Witness poll, the group said, “clearly shows residents are not in favour of moving the library from its current site.

“Seventy seven per cent of respondents specifically say no to the development of the Cultural, Community and Education Precinct being built in Carrington Park,” the group says.

In April Mayor Brian Ingram told residents Carrington Park is the best location for the proposed Precinct.

“The proposed Cultural, Community and Education Precinct has the potential to deliver a range of facilities and services to our area. At the heart of this precinct, a new library would provide traditional and innovative resources for the community," Cr Ingram said.

“Nothing’s set in stone – far from it – but Council is working with the NSW Government to develop something that would be far bigger and better than anything Council could deliver on its own. It would be partially located on Young High School and partially on the southern end of Carrington Park.

"Neither I nor any other elected Councillor would ever allow the park to be destroyed as we value the park as much as everyone else,” Cr Ingram said.

YCARA has told council there is a list of other possible sites suggested by residents for the precinct, including the Millards Centre, ex-fuel depots in Lovell Street, the Town Hall carpark, a block of land near the RMS, an old tmber yard site is Nasmyth Street, Apex Park and the old National Engineering site.